Custom Sewing and Alterations

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Our expert seamstress at Ginger Muse Art is able to assist with most basic alterations as well as wedding dress alterations, pattern making, military patches, hems, and any other small or large repair you may have. 

Common Measurements for Sizing

We also take on special projects, curtains, special chair covers, vinyl and leather repairs. Give us a call to discuss your needs

Fittings and consultations are done in our studio.

If you are not sure what you need or need multiple adjustments, please book a consult and I will schedule your project in then. 

My standard turn around time is 2 weeks unless otherwise stated on your invoice.

Specific tasks are as follows:


  • $17 per layer hemmed
  • $65 to take out the body of a bodice
  • $50 to take down 2 sizes

Pant Hems

  • $20 a pair
  • $30 for a blind hem

Wedding Dress Alterations

  • Hemming $75
  • Bustling $100
  • General Fitting- Hourly

*At this time I do not tailor mens suits, besides hemming pants or sleeves.

For all other alterations our standard rate is $35hr. With a minimum project cost of $20.

General sewing time and special projects are $35 an hour plus materials.