Where did you find that Fabric?

Often we get asked where we find our fabrics, or what patterns do you use. While we love encouraging other makers and artists, often the answer is not so simple. We have spent years learning, trying new things, failing, and trying again. Not to mention collecting fabrics, materials and supplies from various sources over many years. I strongly encourage you all to do the same! So to get you started here is a few lists of ideas and resources that have helped us over the years. This is meant to be a living document so as I learn new things I will add them to the list.

How to Videos:

First of all You Tube has become a wonderful "how to" resources. I strongly recommend you use it to learn almost anything. Just search for whatever sewing or building technique you may need. I don't have specific groups I follow just yet, but as I find them I will.


The following Fabric groups and websites are the amazing tried and true artists and seamstresses that design and print their own fabrics. Many of which you have seen in my collections. There is often a bit of a wait to get your fabric and sometimes it is hard to find but I fully stand behind the mission and ethics of these groups. 

 I also often check out my local thrift stores and estate sales for some of my amazing fabric finds. I also have had great luck at the sales at Joann Fabrics and support them as well.


Being someone who often enjoys drafting my own patterns, I have to say the patterns from these groups have really helped me learn a new idea, gave me inspiration, or just saved me a great deal of time because their sizing and directions were spot on. All of these companies offer PDF patterns you can print at home or use a projector. I HIGHLY recommend PDF patterns as you can print them out as needed and to what size you need. No more trying to save your tissue paper.

Peek-a-boo Patterns

Violette Fields Threads

Sinclair Pattern Group

CKC Patterns

Ellidactyl Patterns

Halla Patterns 

New Horizon Designs

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