52 Original Pencil Drawing Project
52 Original Pencil Drawing Project
52 Original Pencil Drawing Project
52 Original Pencil Drawing Project
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52 Original Pencil Drawing Project

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Original Drawing on Bristol Paper **Your Photo***

This year I want to challenge myself to draw more so I am going to one pencil drawing a week. So what I would like from all of you is ideas! If you have a picture or person or portrait that you would like to see in a pencil sketch. Please submit it to me and if I get inspired I just might draw it! I prefer people but animals are also fun. Nature is good if the image converts well to grayscale. Buildings are my least favorite.

Rules are as follows!
1. Must submit a photo you took or own.
2. Must be ok with me posting pictures and sharing the final drawing on Social Media.
3. You will have first pick to buy the original. It will vary from $10-$25 depending on size. This cost will cover materials and shipping and is low because I will be using drawings for my website.
4. You will not be required to purchase anything. This is mostly for fun.
5. You can request edits, but no promises.
6. You can submit as many pictures as you would like over the year, just keep in mind I have 52 spots for 2023.

Check out with this item and the email me your photo with the invoice number. Email me aimee@gingermuseart.com

Challenge me! Help me expand my skills. Follow along here to see the progress every week and keep my focused. Let me see what you have.

Thank you for your support!

If you would like to commission your own pencil sketch separate from this challenge, you can do so here.


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