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Sewing & Alterations

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Please book an Appointment for the service you are looking for below.

If you are not sure what you need or need multiple adjustments, please book a consult and I will schedule your project in then. 

My standard turn around time is 1 weeks unless otherwise stated on your invoice.

General sewing time and special projects are $35 an hour plus materials.

Specific tasks are as follows:


  • $17 per layer hemmed
  • $65 to take out the body of a bodice
  • $50 to take down 2 sizes

Pant Hems

  • $25 a pair
  • $35 for a blind hem

Wedding Dress Alterations

  • Hemming $75
  • Bustling $100
  • General Fitting- Hourly

*At this time I do not tailor mens suits, besides hemming pants or sleeves.

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